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Just 10 of the Many Benefits of Surfing for your Brain! 🧠




On this Mental Health Awareness Month, I want to dedicate this post to those fighting a battle inside their own heads.


I invite you to seek refuge on this uplifting, rejuvenating and excitement-filled sport.


From personal experience, I assure you, surfing is not only a great exercise, but a balm of pure goodness to the stressed and overworked mind.


Here are 10 proven benefits of surfing for the mind:


1. SURFING CREATES A MINDFULNESS STATE: Just sitting on your board waiting for waves is a zen moment in itself. But equally effective is the focus required to catch and surf the waves too! Remember that mindfulness requires you to focus on something, while eliminating other distractions in your mind. Surfing in itself is an act of calculation, concentration and coordination.


2. SURFING RELEASES ENDORPHINS: The “feel good” hormones released after any physical activity, plus adrenaline in short intervals, are a powerful combination for your state of mind. Accompany that with bright light and sun exposure and boom, you feel on top of the world!


3. SURFING LOWERS CORTISOL LEVELS: As you concentrate on the waves, all your concerns are left behind, and your stress level lowers almost the moment you hit the water! 

No matter for how long or short time you are in the water, you will notice tension released from your everyday worries.


4. SURFING CREATES NEW MENTAL CHALLENGES: As we age, it is important to keep our mind learning new things and engaged in challenging tasks. Getting better at surfing is a never-ending journey that will keep you motivated and constantly learning new things.



5. SURFING MAKES YOU PART OF A COMMUNITY: As our modern lifestyles makes us more isolated. Being part of “something” is more important than ever. Local surfing communities share a unique love for the ocean, nature, and provide purpose, while you surround yourself with like-minded people.


6. SURFING CHALLENGES YOUR REACTION TIMES: Quick thinking in surfing seems like a sport in itself!! The constantly changing ocean will force you to make quick decisions (go left or right, paddle or bail, how to maneuver the wave as it keeps rolling into shore, etc.). Our minds need to be challenged to execute quick mind-body connection and fast decision making.


7. SURFING PROMOTES SELF LOVE: Surfing is a demanding sport, and once you conquer your initial doubts and fears, you start seeing yourself in a different light. You discover what your body and mind are capable of.  You will realize the limitations that you have formed around yourself, and yourself successfully conquering.


8. SURFING EMPOWERS YOU: Same as the previous point, once you conquer your fears and are motivated to keep learning, the forces within you start acting in your favor. You feel strong, confident, challenged, although capable of more!




9. SURFING HELPS YOU RELAX: Distracting your mind, and combining it with a strong physical activity, will cause your body and brain to relax. You will be in an overall better state by giving yourself the joy of surfing.


10. SURFING HELPS YOU SLEEP BETTER: All of the above points, at the end of the day, will give your brain all it needs for a restful night. You will go do bed thankful for a fantastic time in the ocean, for your body that got you through this challenging activity, and proud of yourself for conquering the waves (or at least for the resilience of trying!). The best thing: you will wake up rested, and motivated to do it all over again! 🙌🏼




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